Leisure & Entertainment

All around the world.

The world of theme parks, thermal spas and water parks, holiday parks and children's adventure playgrounds demands (child-friendly) individuality and maximum reliability - and this is exactly what we offer. Analysing the specific needs of busy attractions for adults and children, discussing these with you and deriving the ideal sensor technology from them is our passion. Our portfolio of products acts as the basis for your customisation requirements:

  • Several hundrets of millions of switching cycles with SENSORswitches
  • 10 years of permanent operation for our LED signalling units
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Very hygienic



Design-focused high level for worldwide entertainment.

So you think switches and so on leave no room for design? Not at CAPTRON.
Standard simply isn’t good enough for us. From SENSOR switches and button displays, specialist or fill level sensors to classical light barriers. Every product in the highest quality, adapted to your needs in terms of function and design. Size, colour, brightness, displays - everything coordinated with the surroundings, colour scheme, toy or fairground ride. From cinema auditoriums to spa oases.

The German Museum in Munich has been relying on our expertise and product quality for years. Our sensors active speech output systems in various exhibitions, as well as simulators. Several hundred activations a day are no problem for our SENSOR switches. Problems with faulty switches as a result of vandalism - not with CAPTRON.




Bringing together shared goals.

Sensors and systems from CAPTRON have been in daily use all over the world since 1983. With our varied portfolio of products, we are able to quickly and flexibly create sensor solutions that are ready to ship and which are adapted to the needs of our customers.

But we also produce customised application solutions.

We've put together a selection of the projects we have carried out both at home and abroad on the following page. We've put together a selection of the projects we have carried out both at home and abroad on the following page. In addition to a description of each project, you’ll also find an excerpt from our list of references.

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