Model Building RC systems

High quality electronics that last forever.

CAPTRON is regarded as the pioneer of this technology - and with good reason. We are the inventors and manufacturers of one of the best stabilisation systems available on the market. Our proximity to industrial applications safeguards maximum quality for you.

After all, what counts most in the industrial sector is one hundred per cent reliability. What matters to MAN and KUKA is integrated into every one of our products: maximum safety, excellent operating comfort, impressive functions and comprehensive service. In short, the best quality. Not just fine words, but rather ISO 9001-certified quality - something of a rarity on this market. 

Stabilisation systems that really impress.

With our award-winning stabilisation systems,  you can feel completely safe - loops, dives, breathtaking aerial manoeuvres: everything is possible. That’s because we offer something that's invaluable - safety in the air! Our philosophy is to move away from the standardised conveyor belt production of Asia and so on, and instead to move towards true craftsmanship - made in Germany - and to electronics with sophistication. For questions or problems, our product experts in Munich will be happy to help you whenever you need them. Simple call or write. We’ll take care of it straight away. 

We offer what others don’t.

Gliders, powered aircraft and 3D aerobatic plans, but also jets and helicopters: electric or even turbine-powered, every model benefits from highly sophisticated stabilisation systems from CAPTRON. Scale models costing from € 4,000 to € 70,000 and more depend trustingly on our technology - with success, right from the very first flight.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for years. Our rescue system is especially interesting for RC helicopters. With just one movement of the switch, the model helicopter is levelled out and catapulted back upwards again on command. Your RC helicopter is rescued in virtually every situation. Complete safety, no matter what the flight test. Give it a go - with CAPTRON's stabilisation systems, there’s no risk!

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