UAV Electronics

For applications in industry and agriculture.

Optimised flight properties thanks to CAPTRON’s intelligent stabilisation sensors. Remote-controlled (industrial) helicopters are our passion. We know the market, and we provide highly innovative and professional support on a global scale.

Control and stabilisation systems, aerodynamics, payload and flow mechanics are all subjects we are familiar with. Our revolutionary systems for stabilising remote-controlled model aircraft guarantee even the most demanding flight applications and a major safety boost while airborne.

  • Stabilisation for R/C helicopters

Outstanding flight properties thanks to intelligent sensor technology.

Our stabilisation system perfects remote-control helicopter flights for crop-spraying flights in forestry and agriculture. Precision agriculture thanks to highly innovative solutions from CAPTRON - made in Germany, of course. Together with aviation engineers, product and software developers, we work on new, impressive details for more safety and precision and provide an open platform for this.

When it comes to infrastructure and industry inspections via remote-controlled aircraft especially, the stabilisation system is becoming increasingly important. Whether it be equipped with a camera, infra-red camera or a payload.