Technology follows requirements

Our corporate culture is dominated by expertise and experience and has made CAPTRON the global innovation leader in sensor technology. We have received several awards and prizes for unique product developments. A sign of our quality and our pioneering spirit.

Bavarian State Government Award 2017

Franz Josef Pschierer, Secretary of State within the Bavarian State Ministry for Business and Media, Energy and Technology, presented the Bavarian State Prize to CAPTRON on 12 March 2017 at the official awards ceremony.

CAPTRON impressed the judges in the “Technology” category with the first contactless anti-pinch protection for bus doors. In collaboration with EvoBus, CAPTRON developed a system that allows passengers on public regional transport to board and alight buses safely. For more safety and comfort in the local public transport.

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Honoring "Olchinger Agenda 21"

Ecologically, economically and socially: in line with these criteria, in 2010 the Olchinger Agenda 21 honours the resident company CAPTRON for its sustainability in the "KOM - Kulturwerkstatt" in Olching.

"The award is an honor for us," said Reinhard Bellm of CAPTRON Electronic proudly. Mrs. and Mr. Bellm are managing directors, son Philip takes care of product management and sales, daughter Daniela offers with the CAPTRON Kunstforum a platform for young artists. Around 60 people work at CAPTRON. Half of them live in the county. "Our offices are all flooded with daylight, the workplaces are bright and friendly," says Reinhard Bellm. Thanks to a photovoltaic system and a heat pump, the company is independent of oil and gas. (Source: 21.10.10)

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GIT Safety Award 2010

A great success for CAPTRON. The first capacitive two-hand safety control "safeCAP4" with the highest safety level of category IV and PL IIIC has been nominated in area A "Operational safety and operational economy". The jury, consisting of experts and representatives from ZVEI, VDMA, BHE and TÜV Hessen, was convinced of CAPTRON's "safeCAP4" safety technology.

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Bavarian State Government Award 2006

As part of the 58th International Craftsmen's Trade Fair in Munich, CAPTRON Electronic GmbH was honoured with the 2006 Bavarian State Government Award. CAPTRON received the award for exceptional technological achievement and innovation in developing HeliCommand, the company's automatic stabilisation system for remote-controlled helicopters. 

During the ceremony, Erwin Huber, Bavarian Minister for Economic Affairs presented the award to Reinhard Bellm, Managing Director of CAPTRON Electronic GmbH. With this world first, CAPTRON succeeded in developing an autopilot that allows model helicopters to hover in the air without external influence. The invention makes learning how to fly a helicopter significantly less difficult. What's more, it enables greatly improved results in professional applications (aerial photography and movie industry, cartography, surveying, ...) and fosters development of new business activities as well.

Bavarian State Government Award 2003

As part of the 55th International Craftsmen's Trade Fair 2003 in Munich, CAPTRON Electronic GmbH was honoured. It received the 2003 Bavarian State Government Award for its exceptional technological achievement and innovation with its SENSORswitch "safecap4".

During the ceremony the under-secretary for economy, traffic and technology for the State of Bavaria, Hans Spitzer, a Member of the Landtag (Bavarian State Legislature) presented the award to Reinhard Bellm, Managing Director of CAPTRON Electronic GmbH.

CAPTRON had succeeded in developing a SENSORswitch approved for the highest safety category (Cat. 4) by the Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention. As a result, these mechanical switches could be used for the first time in capacitive two-hand safety controls on punching machines and presses.

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