Application tips

Do you suit us and do we suit you? The best way to find out is in a personal meeting. To make this all the more successful for you, you should prepare yourself as well as possible. We explain what you need to consider in five essential application tips.


1. Tip: Inform yourself

Good preparation impresses us. If you take the time to gather as much information about our company as possible, it seems important to you where and in which environment you want to work. The more you know about us, the more relaxed you go into the interview.

2. Tip: Be authentic

The best advice we can give you: Simply be yourself. Authenticity is well received. So, if you stutter or lose the thread, tell us so calmly and we will understand. You are open-minded and friendly, show that in the interview. We value employees who can develop in our team-oriented working atmosphere.

3. Tip: Make a positive impression

Remember: An impression is determined not only by what you say, but also by the way you present yourself. Make sure to dress appropriately. A rule of thumb says: Better too much than too little. Dress for the position you want, not for the job you already have.

4. Tip: Ask questions

You want to get to know CAPTRON as a company, this is the only way you can find out whether we fit together. If you want to learn more about who we are and what we do, show us that you are interested. The type of questions you ask are an indicator of initiative, self-confidence and a sign of a professional attitude.

5. Tip: Convince with your expertise

You have been invited to the interview thanks to your qualifications. Speak confidently about the experience you have gained throughout your education and in your professional life, and score with your personality. We are particularly interested in examples of how you have been involved in companies so far and how you have been able to use your specialist knowledge profitably. We see potential in you. It is now up to you to present yourself and to convincingly outline your skills and qualifications.

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