Environmental and climate protection

Our contribution to the environment

As a company CAPTRON is aware of its responsibility to society to conduct sustainable, climate-friendly business. Our mission is: We act in a sustainable and climate-friendly manner for a better tomorrow. For this reason, we are increasing our investments into environmental management measures in order to do our part.

We believe that all companies should take their responsibility for the future world seriously. This includes playing an active role in protecting the environment through sustainable business and responsible use of resources. CAPTRON has been certified to ISO 14001 for its environmentally friendly practices.

+ Environmental certificate ISO 14001 (EN)

+ Environmental certificate ISO 14001 (international)


  • Among other things, we forego using plastics as far as possible, for example in our operating equipment: In production, we take advantage of single-use cups made of paper and Q-tips made of cotton – materials that can be recycled and are therefore better for the environment. Overall, we save 40,000 plastic Q-tips and 1,750 plastic cups annually.
    In the packaging department, instead of adhesive tape, we use paper packaging tape. By digitalizing our administrative processes, we also reduce our daily paper consumption.


  • We are also continuously reducing the critical substances in CAPTRON products. Additionally, we perform a systematic substitution check when developing (new) products to increase our production using non-critical substances.
  • CAPTRON deliveries are CO2-neutral worldwide. To ensure this, we switched our contract with our logistics partner UPS to carbon-neutral delivery. In addition, certain markets are already using electric delivery vehicles. We are more than happy to pay the premium.
  • In our garage we have several charging stations for electric vehicles. The new building is also designed and built based entirely on the latest directives. The company location is heated and cooled by means of a groundwater pump.
  • It also features a solar power system that supplies the company location in Olching with its own electricity. As a result, the entire production area is run with green energy.
  • All company rooms are cleaned using environmentally friendly agents. In place of chemical coloring agents and preservatives, we use natural raw materials with a better degradability.
  • Our goal is to completely offset the CO2 emissions of the new building with 4500 square meters of office and production space, including the construction phase, and further reduce our emissions with the help of these sustainable measures.


  • Since 2019 our executive management oversees the group with CO2-compensated business trips. 
  • CAPTRON has already planted one hectare forest (1100 trees) through the foundation "Plant-for-the-Planet" to compensate for the air travel pollutant emissions of 2019.

    Learn more about the "Trillion Tree Campaign" foundation"