By experts for experts.

We're experts in sensor technology. In the processing industry as well as building services technology and transport - by land, air and water. We also have an excellent reputation for being the pioneer of stabilisation technology for remote control model aircraft.

There are defined technical rules that must be followed in sensor technology. These are rules that make creating a product profile easier. If your search profile doesn’t match any of these rules, then we’re here to help. Our engineering team virtually always finds a solution to adapt sensor technology to the usage concept and to make commissions a success.

Our products’ success is based on the particular demands of our customers. Working hand-in-hand with you, we continue to develop our product range on an order-specific basis. In close collaboration with your engineers, technicians, project managers and architects, we create your ideal and unique application solution. Our sensor technology supports your success.

Robotics & Dispensing
Precision and reliability

Reduce your raw material usage and increase customer satisfaction through stable processes.

Bus & Rail
Innovative buttons for traffic engineering

More than 20 years of experience in the transport industry have taught us many things. We have successfully been designing sensors for specialist transport requirements for decades.

Building Technology
We help you to open doors

We understand the many and varied demands of the healthcare sector, as well as of public buildings and the industrial sector.

For more effiency

Shape your logistics and supply chain processes with capacitive sensor technology for more throughput, convenience and reliability.

Food & Beverage
Germs have no chance!

In food technology, hygiene is a top priority. Especially in all the processing steps.

Commercial & Special Vehicles
Strong and individual for each application

The complexity of sensor technology in utility and specialist vehicles demands specialist expertise. Our sensor technology experts are familiar with the technical and kinematic contexts.

Automotive Industry
For more productivity and safety

Factor in downtime? Not with our products. CAPTRON understands the key role of sensor technology in the production process and fills that role in every aspect.

From standard to high-end product

Whether it be in passenger jets or private and business jets, sensors in the high-end sector demand reliable function and state-of-the-art optical technology. We offer both.

Medical & Pharma
Sensory innovation models