Public & private buildings

Unique locations need unique expertise.

We are the top industry and market experts and we have excellent relationships with airport and railway station operators, architects, engineers and construction managers.

Our objective always remains the same: to satisfy the unique requirements of our customers with uncompromising quality, total reliability, complete customisation and with a focus on the user. 

Many people with all kinds of different destinations in one location. Inattentive, in a hurry, with limited mobility or deliberately destructive. CAPTRON knows these challenges. From station concourses and airport aprons to public toilets and car parks. All of our products are equipped for every situation. 

Nuremberg’s main railway station counts on the superb functional reliability and absolute robustness with one-hundred-per-cent success. Whether it be after a football match, concert or school trip. The buttons work day in, day out, without any failure, and have been doing so for ten years.

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