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At CAPTRON everyone knows each other, and the management addresses every employee by name. We value direct dialogue and live an informal meeting culture. We discuss current topics in working groups. With CAPinnovation we encourage the creativity of our employees. Any suggestion is welcome, and everyone can be sure that his or her idea is tested, and awarded if it gets realized. Because we sell our products directly, we maintain contact with our customers and take inspiration from the market.

The sales staff are involved in customised development. Perhaps, that is why our products meet the requirements of customers so accurately and can be perfectly integrated and operated. Our management has not lost touch with technology and actively drives the development of new products forward: as visionaries in the service of our customers.

Step 01: Sales

Discuss your requirements and ideas with our sales department. Our staff will show you what we can do for you and propose solutions that work. At CAPTRON you will be assigned a dedicated contact person who will support you throughout the entire project. Your contact person will answer all questions for you – from engineering to accounting.

Does your particular application require the modification of a standard product, a complete solution or a completely new product?

Your contact person is an in-house advocate for your needs and, if necessary, gets you directly together with our developers and designers. If the specifications are clear, we completely implement your special development – from concept sketch to the construction of the prototype through to the installation of the finished product.

Find your local partner at the CAPTRON world map:

CAPTRON worldwide

Step 02: Development

Our developers are amongst the most skilled engineers, electrical engineers and programmers in the industry. But our product development also benefits from the market knowledge of the sales staff and the vision of our technical management.

From this team of experienced specialists come practical solutions to diverse problems, such as: how can the capacitive level probe illuminate the interior of a container so that the operator can observe the process directly? Or, how can a robot perform its reference point run without interrupting the operating cycle?

CAPTRON product portfolio

Step 03: Construction

Your product takes shape. Our design engineers translate ideas into a 3D model and take into account not only the static and functional requirements but the installation situation as well.

For example, a solution was found for mounting the SENSORswitch to glass, without breaking the pane.

Using prototypes, the design for the production is optimized. We build functional models of your product on which you can test the design and operation.

Capacitive SENSORswitches


Prior to batch production, we test the product samples according to your specifications and our requirements. These include climatic tests as well as tests on chemical resistance, impact resistance, and electromagnetic tolerance.

Finally, we have the product tested and approved by the relevant certification bodies, for example by the TÜV (the German Technical Inspection Agency) or by an accredited EMC laboratory. While planning production, we develop the bills of material, production instructions and tests.

Step 05: Purchase

Our buyers plan and communicate with clarity and from experience, so that all components arrive in time for installation. We work with certified manufacturers in the region, offering fast and reliable supply. The highest criterion for us though is that all partners share our quality standards. We commit our suppliers to binding test criteria.

CAPTRON Customer service

Step 06: Production

CAPTRON products are not made on an assembly line, but in our own in-house production. Just like the entire production process, the final assembly is perfectly organized. Our experienced team will install your order with focussed, precise craftsmanship. Batch and custom production are even tested in various test steps during the installation. The precision engineering skills of our staff guarantees the quality workmanship of our products. CAPTRON is a member of the Munich Chamber of Commerce.

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Step 07: Quality control

We ensure that only flawless products leave the house. Each and every piece is visually and electronically retested before delivery. We have had a special test machine produced for the functional testing of our SENSORswitches.

Step 08: Shipping

Each product is carefully and individually packed, marked and handed over to the carrier in our shipping department.

We work with partners who operate worldwide and have proven their reliability over the course of many years. We take care of the export license and customs clearance for exports outside the EU.

Do you have questions? We will be delighted to help:

CAPTRON Services

Step 09: Service and support

Regardless of which of our services you wish to use, you can always get in touch with a competent person – without having to wait in a queue or pass through a call centre. Our staff will look after your concern as soon as possible.

CAPTRON Customer Service

Our technical staff in our Sales and Applications Departments will understand your problem and will attempt to find a solution as soon as possible.

CAPTRON Technical Support