The capacitive HWT3 stop request button features a 64 x 72 pixel graphic display (LCD) which can show up to four animated images. Passengers can use the touch function to indicate various requirements such as a stop request, open door and ramp position. They receive optical feedback in the form of moving graphics, 16 bright LEDs and acoustic feedback in the form of a signal tone.

The HWT3 is designed for installation on poles with diameters of 30, 34 and 35 mm. The capacitive stop request button with graphic display delivers a high level of convenience and mobility particularly for passengers with restricted mobility who require a wheelchair ramp or lift, or passengers with prams.

If necessary, HWT3 stop request buttons from the standard range can be tailored to meet specific customer demands, including the following: Up to four animated graphics, housing colour, Braille and pictograms. Contact us: CAPTRON service.


Important properties

  • Touch Control
    High ease of use, no mechanical pressure required.
  • Graphic Display
    Can show up to four moving images/sequences: LCD module with 64x72 pixel.
  • Feedback
    Visual and acoustic signals through graphic display, 16 LEDs and beeper.
  • Durable service life
    More than 100 million operation cycles (transistor output).
  • Accessibility
    Braille and raised chevrons on the housing or sensor area.
  • TSI-PRM certified (depends on model)
    By directive 1300/2014.



HWT3 (LCD Module)

Stop request button with graphical display

  • LCD module with 64x72 pixels
  • Can show up to four moving images / sequences
  • Acoustical feedback
  • No operation force needed