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Pick-by-Light with touch technology

Fatigue-free and efficient order picking

Pick-by-Light with touch increases picking performance by 50%.

With oneGRID Pick-by-Light, CAPTRON Solutions presents a smart intralogistics solution that impresses above all with its capacitive technology, cost-effectiveness and ergonomics. The maximized order picking performance is reflected in shorter throughput times, drastically lower error rates and improved delivery capability through process transparency. Increase efficiency and reduce costs through digital process optimization with the oneGRID Pick-by-Light solution. 

With CAPTRON Solutions we offer solutions for intralogistics. In addition to hardware, this also includes individual software development and integration, as well as process consulting and project management.

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Pick-by-Light button with pick indicator

The entire picking process is made ergonomic and particularly safe by the pick-by-light buttons with large round pick display. The buttons, which can be used to display quantities and acknowledge processes via the integrated touch button, guide employees intuitively and significantly more productively through the picking process.  

All functions of the pick display and LED ring can be conveniently adapted to the requirements of production and warehouse. The buttons communicate the inventory volume fully automatically via a controller called the SENSORhub. The intelligent self-diagnosis function secures the system against failures and thus eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

Order picking systems for production and distribution logistics

Order picking at the packing station
Assemble packing orders individually
Mobile order picking
with PickCart
Mobile order picking with an order picking trolley
Order picking with the
supermarket solution
The turbo for your warehouse team

oneGRID advantages

Modern logistics processes are complex: When individual lot sizes are picked for the next step in a distribution or fullfilment center, the inflow and outflow of large quantities of goods must be documented reliably, quickly and easily.

  • Fast ROI
    Lower error rate, shorter throughput times and thus improved delivery capability
  • Reliable hardware
    Shock and vibration resistant, water- and dust-proof (IK08 and IP69K complies with Nema 6P)
  • Display and touch button combined
    Large display for showing different quantities and individual text messages with integrated touch button


  • Activated via touch
    High ease of use, no pressure required
  • Durable service life
    More than 100 million switching cycles (transistor output)
  • High degree of individualization
    Display (colors, symbols) and functionality adaptable according to customer needs
  • Many features
    Multi-pick functions for up to 7 employees at the same time, multi-storage assignments through 4 clearly segmented LEDs, simple and safe through capacitive technology
  • Certifications
    UL certified according to IEC-62368-1:2014
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Features of the smartCAP buttons


  • SMC46 with printed symbol
  • SMC47 with 7-segment display
  • Profile and surface mounting possible
  • Capacitive touch button - High ease of use, even with gloves
  • Long touch feature to report e.g. shortages, errors or refills
  • More than 100 million switching cycles
  • 100% water- and dust-proof (IP69K / Nema 6P)
  • REACH, RoHs, UL 60950 certified and NRTL-compliant

Data sheet SMC46 + Download 
Data sheet SMC47 + Download

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Pick-by-Light: Increased efficiency
and reduced costs through digital process optimisation

The oneGRID system comprises the full package of Pick-by-Light hardware, warehouse management software and optimal service for successful implementation and integration of the systems. You will benefit in the long term from your investment in our solution – throughout the entire supply chain.

DOWNLOAD material

Data sheet Power Supply NTS-24-3750 
+ Download

"oneGRID" Operation Manual
+ Download german
+ Download english
+ Download french


- Data sheet SMC46 + Download 
- Data sheet SMC47 + Download

- Data sheet SENSORhub SEH10-2M1 + Download
- Data sheet SENSROhub SEH11-2M1 + Download

Data sheet wires (small system sizes <= 100 switches)
+ Download

Data sheet wires (large system sizes >= 100 switches)
+ Download


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