CAPTRON is the first manufacturer in the world to develop and manufacture capacitive stop request buttons with a touch function for public and private transport. When the button is touched the passenger receives optical feedback by 12 LEDs and optional with acoustic feedback by a signal tone.

HWT2 stop request buttons are specially designed for everyday long-term use in public transport and deliver extreme durability, reliability and robustness. This means that mechanical wear does not happen so that no regular maintenance is required.

The HWT2 series is suitable both for installation on poles of various diameters (30, 34 and 35 mm) and for wall mounting. They can be installed quickly and easily simply by clipping the button into the mounting bracket which has been installed on the pole. This means that there are no screws visible on the housing, thus preventing vandalism.

If necessary, HWT2 stop request buttons from the standard range can be tailored and modified optically and technically to meet individual customer demands. Contact us: CAPTRON service.


Important properties

  • Touch Control
    High ease of use, no mechanical pressure required.
  • Feedback
    Visual and acoustic feedback through 12 LEDs and beeper (optional).
  • Durable service life
    More than 100 million operation cycles (transistor output).
  • Accessibility
    Braille and raised chevrons on the housing or sensor area.
  • TSI-PRM certified (depends on model)
    By directive 2008/164/EG.



HWT2 (Rod mounting)

Operation without force

  • 16 cm² switch surface
  • Rod mounting
  • Suitable for rod Ø 30, 34 and 35 mm



HWT2-W (Wall mounting)

Operation without force

  • 16 cm² switch surface
  • Wall mounting