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The automotive industry and its markets are our strength. We analyse processes, advise and assist with highly innovative sensor technology.

The interaction between our experts and your engineers, as well as developers and production managers, runs like a common theme through every project. For more than three decades, our long-term and creative collaboration has been ensuring maximum efficiency for your production. 

But the most important aspect is this: our technical expertise is your guarantee of success. A strong sense of ownership forms the basis of what we do - from the initial conversation to full service. Have you got a product with the same properties as CAPTRON’s SENSORswitch? We doubt it. Take the opportunity to compare - the look and feel of our products will convince you, because quality is something you can feel. 

SENSORswitch Stresstest 2.0 Fire

The sensors of the vandal-proof push-buttons are sealed in special resin to ensure extremely high resistance to harsh environmental conditions, vandalism or chemical solvents. The high-quality switches can withstand temperatures of more than -196°C to +2600°C - without losing any of their reliability.

In contrast to mechanical switches, the electronic-capacitive SENSOR switches are completely contactless with several 100 million switching cycles and are therefore extremely durable and maintenance-free.

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Analog level measurement in the world’s biggest impregnation machine for the automotive industry

Analog level measurement with CAPTRON level sensors in the material preparation containers of the biggest impregnation machine in previously unknown dimensions and performance from bdtronic GmbH.

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A small list of our references:

Automotive industry

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