Aviation engineering

From standard to high-end product.

There are defined technical rules that must be followed in sensor technology. These are rules that make creating a product profile easier. If your search profile doesn’t match any of these rules, then we’re here to help.

Our engineering experts can virtually always find a solution to adapt sensor technology to the usage concept and to make commissions a success. Whether it be in passenger jets or private and business jets, sensors in the high-end sector demand reliable function and state-of-the-art optical technology. We offer both.

The flagship of the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus S.A.S. has also been equipped with capacitive electronics from CAPTRON. Even when heavily laden, the luggage compartments are a cinch to close for passengers and crew. The luggage compartments in First Class, which close from the bottom upwards, can be closed easily with a light touch on the conductive outer flap - thanks to totally reliable sensor technology that can accommodate loads of up to 50 kg.