Optical Sensors

Robust laser sensors from large to very compact

CAPTRON's laser sensors are very robust, durable and reliable. They detect metallic and non-metallic objects from a size of 0.05 mm with extreme precision. In addition to laser light barriers with fork widths from 20 mm to 220 mm, CAPTRON also offers Tool Center Point (TCP) laser measurement devices for the exact measurement and calibration of robots.

The wide range of available designs and sizes are specially adapted to the requirements in automation, robotics and assembly. For particularly rough and adverse environments special equipment are available, for example with integrated air system and protective shroud.


  • Very robust and durable metal housing (IP65)
  • Wide range of designs and sizes
  • High optical resolution and repeatability
  • High process reliability, thanks to precise alignment
  • Easy assembly saves time and effort
  • Special solutions possible

Downloads Optical Sensors

Datasheet - 40 mm Ring TCP

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Datasheet - 40 mm TCP open design

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Datasheet - 70 mm TCP open design

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Datasheet - 70 mm TCP open design with slave connector

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Datasheet - 210 mm Ring TCP

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STEP: 70 mm TCP open Design - OGLW2-70T5-2PS6 (with slave conductor)

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+ Download CN
+ Download PL

Product Series



  • Fork Light Barrier LASER
  • Object detection of nonmetallic
  • One-way Light barrier (transmitter, receiver)
  • Special variants on costumer request


  • Correction of X, Y and Z-axis
  • Extremely compact and flat design
  • Protective collar against damage or dirt
  • Minimal wiring