News 19.06.2017: CAPTRON TCP measuring units ensure the precise measurement of needles on the CNC dispensing robots that are manufactured by the company bdtronic GmbH.

The patented TCP laser measurement technology from CAPTRON measures and calibrates robot tools in up to three dimensions. Having been specially developed for industrial robots that are used for diverse applications with welding nozzle, milling cutter, gluing and dosing device as well as soldering tip, the TCP measuring units increase the effectiveness of your production lines.

With a reproducibility of 0.01 mm, an extremely compact and one-piece design as well as the maintenance-free sensor system, they fulfil the highest of our industrial customers’ demands for precision, process reliability and quality.

In the field of mixing and dispensing systems, CAPTRON TCP measuring units are used by the worldwide leading machine builder for dispensing technology, bdtronic GmbH from Germany. Beside the stable structure, easy assembly and uncomplicated initial operation, especially the high process accuracy in positioning and dosing was decisive for bdtronic’s decision to go with the CAPTRON sensor technology.

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Company profile of bdtronic GmbH

bdtronic is a globally leading manufacturer of plant systems and process solutions in the fields of dosing and impregnation technology, hot riveting, plasma conditioning and automation. With its broad product portfolio, bdtronic serves numerous well-known customers operating in a large variety of industries, in particular the automotive, electronics and electrical engineering industry.

bdtronic GmbH is represented around the world and acts as a global player by virtue of its sales and service organizations in Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, the USA as well as China.

bdtronic makes a strong case for its service and reliability with application-oriented technology. The prerequisite for this is the use of innovative sensor technology. Thanks to the installed sensor systems of CAPTRON Electronic GmbH, bdtronic is able to meet the highest of customer expectations for process accuracy in positioning and dosing.

bdtronic GmbH
Ahornweg 4
97990 Weikersheim


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