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Authenticity and innovation for your success.

Buses, trams and trains - close relationships with designers, planners and engineers as well as operators and suppliers complement our technical expertise with detailed practical knowledge.

We look after global players as well as innovative SMEs, assisting them with the use of sensor technology. Our product portfolio serves as a basis, while our engineering expertise and our thirst for success create absolutely unique products - customer-specific sensor technology for the most exacting demands. Several hundred million switching operations are no problem for our SENSOR switches. 

Our finest example - Munich’s underground railway system. The first CAPTRON products were installed in 1994 and are still working reliably and seamlessly today. You’ll also find us in buses in Dubai, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates.

Button for operating the emergency and information pillars as well as taxi cabs

For many years, Photon Meissener Technologies GmbH has focused on its expertise in the development and manufacturing of complex systems, assemblies and components made of metal for a wide range of applications, as well as on speech, emergency call and signal technology for special areas - in particular for railway companies, industry and the public areas.

Product groupSENSORswitches
Model seriesCHT 4-series
Customer benefits
  • Customer specific design
  • Durable service life
  • Weather proof in outdoor areas
Product requirements
  • Low power consumption
  • Vandalism proof
  • Barrier-free TSI-PRM certified

Ventura Systems BV

Capacitive SENSORswitches for Abu Dhabi

CAPTRON Electronic GmbH produced various SENSORswitches to function as bus door openers for Dutch Ventura Systems BV, a producer of innovative door systems for buses, trams and rapid railway systems.

Ventura installed these SENSORswitches in series production for adhesive application on the bus doors’ window panes. As a result, CAPTRON has been a reliable partner of Ventura systems for more than a decade. The largest joint project so far was a major order placed out of Dubai and Abu Dhabi from 2007 to 2009.

At the time, approx. 1800 buses were equipped with SENSORswitches that had to stand up to any temperature and weather conditions. A challenge CAPTRON mastered perfectly!

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