May 15 2020 | 3 minute read | CAPTRON Editorial team

Infection prevention in the Health Care Sector - not only since Corona

The corona virus has greatly changed behavior in areas with members of different risk groups in hospitals, nursing homes or homes for the elderly. It does not only influence consumer consumption or the way we travel and where we go. The newly acquired sensitivity will also have an effect on the simplest processes in everyday life.

The awareness of disease transmission via touch has arrived in people's minds - in the future, only technologies and solutions that meet the increased hygiene requirements will be accepted: For example, electronic switches with touch function.


Elderly people or people with pre-existing conditions are dependent on being able to move around there as sterile and barrier-free as possible. Electronic switches with touch function made it easier to open doors or control the light even before Corona: Residents and patients did not have to exert pressure to operate switches.

Now another advantage has become especially important: Because the dwell time on the probe is significantly shorter and the area touched can be much smaller, the risk of transmission is reduced. This is important because, as we all know, not every resident will always wear gloves. Furthermore, capacitive sensor switches can also be integrated into the floor as foot sensors to further reduce risk and switching effort.

Suppliers such as CAPTRON meet the challenge of maximum hygiene with special models of hygienic sensors. To achieve the highest level here, switches are available in stainless steel versions, for example, or are specially sealed so that bacteria, viruses and impurities cannot settle. In addition, they are insensitive to alkaline and chemical cleaning agents and can therefore be sterilized very often without any problem. This is why capacitive sensor technology is already being used in operating and clean rooms.

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