Logistics & Supply Chain

Sensors and sensor systems for more efficiency

The more intuitive, robust and intelligent they are, the greater the competitive benefits that can be realized with them: Picking systems are a central component in both distribution and production logistics.

Depending on the picking principle and picking system, considerable saving potential can be achieved in terms of time and cost. They also contribute significantly to more ergonomics at the workplace. System integration is crucial: For every standard shelving system, the connection to the ERP system is just as important as the mechanical assembly.

As a full-service provider of components and solutions, CAPTRON has the answers to all these challenges. We will be pleased to support you in optimizing your logistics and supply chain.

Picking with more convenience
and reliability

oneGrid - The capacitive Pick-by-Light system from CAPTRON is a solution that combines software with extremely rugged hardware to support paperless picking. The use of capacitive sensor technology creates new potential to make order picking 25% more efficient, minimize errors and reduce costs for installation and maintenance. 

oneGrid was developed in close cooperation with market leaders from e-commerce, logistics & supply chain to support manual and paperless picking.

smartCAP buttons in Amazon logistic centres

The task: Minimise maintenance effort and increase process speed.

CAPTRON was able to replace the mechanical HMI components in the Amazon logistics centres with capacitive hardware, thus achieving both of the dealer's objectives. The error rate of the HMI components fell to less than one percent with the customised smartCAP buttons.

In the first two years of use of the oneGRID system at Amazon, there were no downtimes during ongoing operations. Amazon was able to reduce its maintenance costs to an absolute minimum and significantly shorten delivery times.

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