Compact allrounder for production automation

News 11/06/15: With the new safeCAP SC3, CAPTRON is launching a new switch for use as a capacitive two-hand control: compact, compatible and designed for the standard installation of Ø 22.5 mm.

Capacitive two-hand controls from CAPTRON are developed, manufactured and sold specially for daily, fatigue-free and ergonomic use on a continuous basis when operating heavy machines and plants where there is a risk of injury, for example operating presses and punching systems. The safeCAP SC4 from CAPTRON has been used successfully in industry for over 10 years, having proven its merit through extreme durability, reliability and sturdiness.

The new SC3 product series is certified by TÜV SÜD as a safety system with PhotoMOS relay NO and can be used in conjunction with current Siemens safety relays as a capacitive two-hand control. For easy and flexible assembly, two identical SC3 buttons are installed, instead of a button A and a button B, as the SC4 series required.

To enable space-saving installation, the SC3 has a reduced external diameter of 54 mm width, 19.4 mm height and a touch surface of Ø 50 mm. The user receives feedback on the machine’s operating status via two bright LEDs, these lighting up green and yellow. Operation with disposable or working gloves – as normal in production automation – is also possible.

Additional protection elements such as the protector or operator control allow modular combinations in line with the application. Thanks to their design compatible with relevant standards, these combinations fulfil all requirements for two-hand controls of type III C corresponding to DIN EN 574. The safety-related features are designed with category 4 and Pl e according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1.

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CAPTRON has been a pioneer in developing the first capacitive two-hand control with the highest safety category (Cat. 4) and PL e according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1. The capacitive two-hand control safeCAP SC4, used successfully for over 10 years in industrial automation, enables pressure-free and safe operation of heavy plants and machinery such as presses and punching systems.

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