New corporate management for CAPTRON North America LP

News 23/08/2022: Sean Walters strengthens international position of sensor systems and logistics expert.

Sean Walters will be responsible for CAPTRON North America LP as General Manager North America from August 2022. For the new general manager, the focus will be on customer centricity to better serve regional and global customers and to strengthen the company’s international position. 

Four years after its founding in New York, CAPTRON North America LP continues to be on the road to success and is opening a new chapter with a planned move to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2023. Sean Walters, who has some 20 years of experience in sales and business development, will accompany this change. At CAPTRON North America, Walters will primarily drive customer centricity and resilience. 

"With the new leadership of CAPTRON North America, we are strengthening our position globally - in line with the motto 'Operate in the Region for the Region'. As a manager, Sean knows that employees are our most important asset. That's why he is exactly the right person to drive growth for CAPTRON through empowerment and further development of the team." 

Philip Bellm, CEO at CAPTRON

"A leadership position like this is not defined by a title - it means responsibility to the customer, company and the employees, which you have to earn every day. My objective is therefore to build the North American CAPTRON organization through teamwork, empowerment of employees and a servant leadership style characterized by honesty, transparency and a constructive communication culture. This is the best way we can provide the greatest possible value to customers, team members and the company itself.”

Sean Walters, General manager CAPTRON North America LP

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