More safety and comfort for wheelchair users

News 05/28/15: QUANTUM is the transportation industry’s first fully automatic rear-facing securement system, redefining transit safety by combining securement expertise, intelligent technology and the height of modern industrial design.

The system enables wheelchair and scooter passengers to secure themselves simply by pushing the SENSORswitch CHT4 from CAPTRON. Global manufacturer and market leader in transportation safety technology, Q’Straint, designed and developed the system. SENSORswitch CHT4 allows the system to engage and disengage in less than 25 seconds, providing faster securement and more independence to mobility passengers.

The American manufacturer Q'STRAINT – market leader for safety technology in public and private transport – is convinced by the easy and barrier-free handling of the SENSORswitches as well as their high durability, quality and reliability.

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