Peripheral equipment

Peripheral equipment

Many different accessories are available. This ranges from protective covers, mounting accessories and adapters to various electronic converters, isolation amplifiers and connector cables which accomplished the CAPTRON sensors.

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Product Series


Connect cable

  • Different cable configurations
  • Suitable for drag chains
  • UL-certified, flame-retardant
  • Suitable for safeCAP

Mounting support

  • Mounting support for CHT4 and CHT9
  • Anodized aluminium and stainless steel
  • Mountingsupport for safeCAP 
  • Made of POM

Dis- and assembly tools


Relays and others

  • Relays NPN / PNP input
  • Switching current up to 110V
  • Adjustable pulse streching
  • NO / NC

Protection elements

  • Pretective cover for level sensors
  • Plumbs for level sensors
  • safeCAP protectors
  • safeCAP operator control