Day of work safety from 10.04.19 - 11.04.19

News 04/10/2019: Statement Philip Bellm, Managing Director of CAPTRON, on day of work safety.

"It is often monotonous activities that lead to injuries in the workplace. If work processes are repeated very often, the head already likes to quit. This applies above all to the field of production. Especially when working with pressing and punching, employees are exposed to a high risk of injury. For safe operation of machines and systems, the standard DIN EN ISO 13849-1 therefore prescribes a two-hand control in certain cases. In this case, machines can only be made to work by the simultaneous actuation of two switches.

The high force required by a conventional mechanical release, however, sustains the forearms and wrists in the long term. Often, illness failures are the result. The solution to this problem is pressure-free two-hand control systems based on sensor buttons. They meet the highest safety categories, without any physical strength. However, the demands on capacitive switches are quite high in this scenario. After all, the button not only has to function reliably at all times, but must not initiate any switching process in the event of a failure.

CAPTRON specializes in using capacitive technology in sensors for industrial engineering. In 1994 it was realized for the first time in a sensor push-button for traffic engineering, shortly afterwards the innovative technology was established in the industry. Since 2002, this technology has been used successfully in the field of safety technology in industrial plants - such as in the automotive industry in the form of CAPTRON's safeCAP two-hand control system."


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