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News 04/02/2020: In times like these, we challenge ourselves even more to create new solutions for customer to fight the crises.

Dear customers,

we are continuously evaluating the supply disruption risk occurring from the spread of the Corona Virus, and have proactively initiated mitigating actions such as increasing stock levels for critical parts as well as informing and preparing potential alternative suppliers. Due to the current lockdown and a lack of reliable information, we are currently not capable of providing exact short and mid-term projection about deliveries which might be potentially affected, however, our latest assessment of the current situation indicates a certain risk of supply disruptions potentially occurring in Q2/2020. At CAPTRON, we have met the following measures to secure your supply chain:

  • Information campaign for all employees.
  • Pandemic Actionplan compiled and rolled out.
  • Daily update meeting of the Pandemic Crisis Comittee to adjust measures and adopt decisions on daily changing Situation.
  • Step by step implementation of Hoemoffice work for employees in support and management processes.
  • All employees in the core process were divided into two equally strong teams, so that one team works from Monday to Wednesday and the other team works from Thursday to Saturday.
  • Rapid increase of the inventory in manufacturing materials and sales products for standard items.
  • The security portfolio of all framework contracts has been expanded by one lot size.

With these and many more measure we are doing everything in our possibilities to ensure that you can rely on us.

Stay safe,
Your CAPTRON Customer Service


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