The new high performance switch

News 10/09/2019: CAPTRON presents the new CANEO series10. The new high-performance switch from CAPTRON set new standards in the field of HMI.

CAPTRON introduces a novel SENSORswitch product line, the CANEO series10. The new CANEO series10 by CAPTRON impresses through sensor fusion technology and its enhanced capacitive measuring principle. The switches are freely programmable (IO-link) and are unique in their design and functional concept.

Configure the switch freely

Thanks to IO-link support and other protocols, the user can program practically all electrical parameters to actuate the CANEO series10. This includes switch sensitivity and minimum actuation time, the actuation dynamics, interface behavior (PNP, NPN, IO-link) and general functioning. The color of the light and color change upon actuation and parameters such as static or flashing lights are configurable. A particular highlight of the CANEO series10 is the more than 16 million displayable LED colors and free symbol selection on the button surface, which ensures even more individuality.

New Sensor Fusion Technology

This new sensor fusion technology allows the capacitive switches to be used problem-free, even in wet or moist environments such as, e.g., food technology. The CANEO series10 therefore won't be activated by splash- or cleaning water, but instead only switches on through intentional contact.

Adaptive brightness

An integrated photosensitive sensor in the switches measures the ambient brightness and automatically adjusts the CANEO series10 brightness. An ideal function to ensure intense, readily discernible illumination in sunlight and to prevent a glare effect at night. This function will be implemented in the next version of the programming software.

Areas of application

Thanks to the adaptability to various surroundings and requirement profiles, the CANEO series10 is the perfect selection for mechanical engineering, in robotics, for the beverage and food industry, but also for building automation. Particularly sensitive switch behavior can be configured if, for example, the operating personnel wear gloves. All CANEO series10 functions can be easily configured and adapted at any time via a graphic user interface per PC, smartphone or PLC. If desired, switches can also be configured per individual request.

Unique design

The exterior of the CANEO series10 was developed by a leading, internationally active industrial designer. It is distinguished by modern form language and compact construction. The switch is provided in a plastic version comprising a 2K tool or stainless steel and, thanks to high impact resistance, it also proves itself in rough work conditions. An innovative lighting concept with four lateral spotlights allows the CANEO series10 to not only appear larger but also provides better switch visibility from the side.


In accord with proven quality, all switches from the house of CAPTRON are vandal-proof and can even withstand lighter flames and blows to the actuating area. Therefore, the CANEO series10– thanks not only to practically wear-free, capacitive switch technology– is distinctively durable. The switch is certified according to IEC 60947-5-1 and IEC 61010 and conforms to or even exceeds all relevant technical standards.


CANEO series10 Standard will be available since November 2019
CANEO series10 Stainless Steel will be available since Februar 2020

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