Electronic door opening buttons for glass mounting

News 26.05.2017: CAPTRON offers manufacturers the perfect solution for fast and cost-effective assembly in the interior and exterior areas of buses and railway vehicles.

Modern door opening buttons open up new prospects for car manufacturers of public and private passenger transport. Thanks to their capacitive operating principle, CAPTRON's electronic door openers (SENSORswitch) allow one-sided or two-sided operation through glass from the inside and outside of the vehicle.

Gluing instead of screwing is the motto of the sensor manufacturer CAPTRON. For mounting without drilling, the SENSORswitches are glued on or behind glass using a high-strength industrial adhesive tape.

Capacitive SENSORswitches offer many advantages for the car manufacturers as well as their operators, such as cities and municipalities," says Managing Director Philip Bellm. “we have learned a lot from more than 20 years of experience in transport. For decades, we have been designing sensors targeting the special requirements in transport – with success.”

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