TCP MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY – Welding and Adhesive robots in the machinery from YASKAWA Europe GmbH

News 09.03.2018: CAPTRON TCP measuring units guarantee the exact needle measurement of the welding and adhesive robots of YASKAWA Europe GmbH.

The patented TCP laser measurement technology from CAPTRON measures and calibrates robot tools in up to three dimensions. Having been specially developed for industrial robots that are used for diverse applications with welding nozzle, milling cutter, gluing and dosing device as well as soldering tip, the TCP measuring units increase the effectiveness of your production lines.

With a reproducibility of 0.01 mm, an extremely compact and one-piece design as well as the maintenance-free sensor system, they fulfil the highest of our industrial customers’ demands for precision, process reliability and quality.

In the field of welding and adhesive robots, CAPTRON TCP measuring units are used by YASKAWA Europe GmbH - one of the world leader in robotics solutions. In addition to the stable construction, easy installation and commissioning, YASKAWA was particularly interested in the high reliability of the laser measurement for their robots.

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Company profile of YASKAWA Europe GmbH

Based in Eschborn, Germany, YASKAWA Europe offers mechatronics and robotics solutions for companies throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the CIS states. With subsidiaries in these regions and European production sites, we are within close reach of the markets’ requirements. Since late 2012, VIPA has been part of the YASKAWA family, where it joined Drives & Motion and Robotics as a third division. The company is based in Herzogenaurach, Germany, and develops and produces PLCs, I/O systems and advanced industrial HMIs.

Frequency inverters, servo drives and machine controllers, as well as customer-specific drive and control systems from YASKAWA have been proving their value in the marketplace for years. Our experience with flexible automation solutions and expertise in numerous industries and applications makes us a qualified partner for developing system solutions. YASKAWA is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots, with 350,000 robots installed worldwide. In addition to application-based variants such as welding, palletising, painting and handling robots, the broad range of robots includes robots designed for laboratory and clean room applications as well as top quality, turnkey automated welding systems.

Thanks to the built-in sensor technology of CAPTRON Electronic GmbH, YASKAWA is able to meet the highest customer expectations for process accuracy in surveying.

Yaskawastraße 1
85391 Allershausen 


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