Transportation by sea

Away from off-the-shelf and towards unique creations.

(Cruise) ships, yachts or ferries - they all have one thing in common: they need sensors. No off-the-shelf solutions here either. Instead, specially developed technology for unusual environments.

As well as maximum function on water, we also accommodate even the most detailed design requests. A melon-yellow button with a special symbol for the adventure playgrounds on a cruise ship? No problem. We produce entirely in line with your wishes - whatever the colour, shape, design or function - everything is made on an order-specific, small scale with “Quality Made In Bavaria”.

Comfort and home quality - dream  yachts demand perfection down to the tiniest detail. This is also true for sensor-controlled technology, including the SENSOR switch itself. An extremly high product standart and craftsman production are essential elements. That's why we are exactly the right company for the job. Together with architects, interior designers and suppliers, we develop the solution that impresses the buyer one hundred per cent.