Robotics & Dispensing

Precision and reliability make the difference

Why? This way you improve your balance sheet and can protect your employees and the environment through the low use of raw materials and simple operation.

But what does that mean in concrete terms in the Robotics & Dispensing sector?

  • Components are easily and quickly integrated into a wide range of applications
  • Reliable monitoring and optimal use of materials thanks to precise metering increase output
  • Tool-Center-Point calibration units have a repeatability of 0.01 mm
  • Regular welding cap measurement leads to stable production quantities
  • Maintenance downtimes are minimized

This leads to higher customer satisfaction.

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TCP Measurement in Welding and Adhesive Robots

YASKAWA – mechatronics and robotics solutions

Product Group - Optical Sensors

Model series - ORL-Serie

Customer benefit

  • Very high measuring accuracy
  • Easy installation
  • Compact and robust design

Product requirements

  • Product customizations for additional burner measurement
  • Easy commissioning (Plug & Play)
  • Customer logo on sensor
  • High reliability

Level Measurement in the Tanks of the Two-Component Systems

DOPAG – metering and mixing technology

Product Group - Capacitive level sensors

Model series - CAT-series

Customer benefits

  • Market leadership
  • Compact design and reliable technology
  • Long-term and good cooperation

Product requirements

  • High quality
  • Long durability of the product
  • Resistance against pressure

Analog Level Measurement in Material Preparation Containers

bdtronic – manufacturer of systems and process solutions

Product group - Capacitive level sensors

Model series - CAT-series

Customer benefits

  • Accurate and reliable measurement
  • Visual feedback via LED display
  • Integrated LED lightning (LightCAP)

Product requirements

  • Accurate and maintenance-free sensor technology
  • Innovative technology
  • Customized length of the probe rod down to the millimeter

Analog level measurement in the world's biggest impregnation machine for the automotive industry

In this video of the company bdtronic GmbH you can see CAPTRON's level sensors in use in the material preparation tanks of the world's largest impregnation machine in the automotive industry (from minute 0:59).

In a plant of this size, every component must function absolutely reliably. Last but not least, it must be ensured that there is always sufficient medium in the material preparation containers. This is the only way to achieve a cycle time of up to 45 seconds per component.


  • Correction of X, Y and Z-axis
  • Extremely compact and flat design
  • Protective collar against damage or dirt
  • Minimal wiring


  • Fork Light Barrier LASER
  • Object detection of nonmetallic
  • One-way Light barrier (transmitter, receiver)
  • Special variants on costumer request

Compact Probes

  • Analog and switching output
  • Acid and alkali resistant 
  • Integrated temperature measurement

External Probes

  • Suitable for high temperature (180°C)
  • Acid and alkali resistant

External Amplifier

  • Analog and switching output
  • Flexible mounting
  • Top hat rail mounting possible


Robotics & Dispensing