Robot technology

Optimising robot-assisted processes

To make full use of the advantages of robots in your production, they need to work perfectly and with complete reliability. And this is precisely where we come in.

Our highly innovative products offer an impressive bandwidth of functions and the opportunity to expand these to suit your individual project requirements. Our product development team will surprise you! There's very little we can't do.

Even now, as Industry 4.0 dawns, we’re in the thick of the development process, acting as a partner and consultant. To make the network of different systems surrounding production and supply chain processes even more efficient, true experts are needed - and that’s what we are.

Many of our customers increase the efficiency of their welding production lines thanks to our products. Our patent-registered TCP measuring unit with laser, for example, ensures complete control of the production line - every minute of every shift.

TCP laser measurement

The TCP laser measurement technology calibrates robot tools in up to three dimensions. Whether extremely compact, flat, or open: CAPTRON offers a wide range of different TCP measurement unit models for different areas of application such as for welding robots, dosing robots, glue robots, soldering robots and in the food industry.

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The employees at BMW's Dingolfing plant have a new, sensitive colleague. One that relieves them - especially in monotonous and physically demanding work: the lightweight robot LBR iiwa from KUKA. Where once a worker alone had to lift and attach heavy plate edges for the front axle transmission, he now works hand in hand with the robot colleague in the tightest of spaces. Without protective fences.

For this human-robot collaboration (MRK), KUKA Systems designed an extremely space-saving system with suspended mounting that could be integrated into the existing production line without having to be redesigned for it.