Mixing & Dispensing Systems

We understand, develop and impress.

Fill level sensors, laser measuring systems, SENSOR switches - one hundred per cent reliable with extremely long service lives and job-specific applications.

If maximum process reliability and precision for your sensors are what you need, then CAPTRON is the company for you. Just like the Who's Who of the industry. With good reasons. Our expertise lies in the development, production and customisation of first class sensor technology for mixing and dispensing machinery.

Ask yourself why you should install a high-quality product from CAPTRON instead of a low-price product?

The answer is simple - storage, replacement times, production downtimes, temporary solutions and replacement products. You can be spared all of this with sensor technology from CAPTRON. Once installed, it lasts until the machine is changed or redesigned. No follow-on costs. No work. No hassle. Our sensor technology supports your success.